Who's serving the community?

Board of Directors

Scrum Alliance is governed by the following Board of Directors:
Board Chair: Eric Engelmann
Vice Chair:  Sohrab Salimi
Secretary:  Deborah Nugent
Treasurer:  John Doyle
Board Members: Michael MeissnerMarjan PouranAndy Deitsch; Karim Harbott; Chief Product Owner Howard Sublett and Chief ScrumMaster Melissa Boggs

To learn more about the Fundamental Concepts of Governance for Scrum Alliance, Inc, download the Board of Directors guide.


Our day-to-day work is done by people who are spread throughout the globe. Some of the key contacts you are likely to meet and speak to include:
Chief Product OwnerHoward Sublett, CSM, CSPO
Chief ScrumMasterMelissa Boggs, CTC, CEC, CSP-SM, CSPO
Senior Director of Finance: Angie Stecovich, CSM, CSPO, CAL I
Our organization is set up in cross-functional teams, each focusing on members who are at a particular point in their agile journey:

  • Foundational: These people are at the beginning of their agile journey. They may have recently completed their CSM/CSPO/CSD course or have just heard about the concepts of the agile evolution. These people are curious about how to incorporate their new knowledge and where they go from here.
           Product Owner: Steve Nelson
  • Practitioner: These people have had a taste of the agile approach and frameworks. They may already hold their A-CSM, A-CSPO or CSP-level certifications. At this point in their journey, they could be heading towards earning a Certified Agile Coach validation, and we want to encourage them with tools and motivation.
           Product Owner: Mike Berman
  • Guides: Community guides are change makers and we want to keep them inspired so they can continue to inspire others. These people have been living the agile life for five or more years and are already certified trainers and/or coaches.
           Product Owner: Lisa Reeder
  • Leaders: We may not know these business leaders yet, but they are interested in knowing more about our community and how to transform their organization (and themselves). Knowing that real transformation often starts with leadership, these people are focused on bringing agile to their organizations and collaborating with managers and other change agents to transform and sustain agility the workforce.
           Product Owner: Veronica Ohl
  • Gatherings: Our experienced event team plans and executes two Global Scrum Gatherings and each year; one in North America during the first half of the year, and one in the second half of the year in Europe. We also coordinate with agile organizations for Regional Scrum Gatherings throughout the world. By presenting opportunities for agilists to “gather” from around the globe, we hope to spark curiosity so attendees leave inspired and ready to bring the transformation to their community.
           Product Owner: Mike Knight
  • World of Work: The WoW team curates and shares the Scrum Alliance story with those in the world of work who want to join, grow, and/or nurture the agile movement. The team purpose is to empower individuals to confidently pursue sustainable agility and to see themselves in our story, through transparent storytelling, relationship building, evidence-based decision making, and brand protection and consistency.
           Product Owner: Rebecca Traeger
  • Team Member Experience: This team is the oil that keeps the Scrum Alliance machine moving.

           Product Owner: Alex Arbuckle