Andreas Schliep
Andreas Schliep


I am a Scrum Coach and Trainer from Germany. I started my career as a software developer back in 1993. From early on, communication and collaboration have been crucial elements of my work attitude, which probably got me promoted to leadership positions in various jobs.

Scrum and XP hit me in 2004, when I was attending the XP Conference in Bavaria. I got inspired and hooked. Only two years later, I decided to change my career path from software developer to Scrum Coach. I was initially employed at Boris Gloger’s SPRiNT-iT, then self-employed, then as a founding member of DasScrumTeam, Switzerland.

As a CST since 2008 and CSC (now CEC) since 2010, I have set my work focus on the education and further development of ScrumMasters on their path to expert and guide levels. I have engaged in several volunteer activities, and I am currently a member of the Path to CSPSM Learning Objectives and Educator Review team. I am passionate about Scrum as a school of thought, beyond the product development framework character. I try to incorporate openness, commitment, respect, focus and courage in my everyday life. I joined the Leadership Gift by Christopher Avery two years ago, which helped to improve my health, life, and work massively. This is important for my family, too. Responsibility and agility are closely related and core elements of an individual and organizational path.

I seek to provide guidance and mentorship for fellow and new coaches, just as I have been supported and inspired by so many people. I believe that we can become the best possible trainers and coaches by actively looking for talent and fostering their development.

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