Anthony W. Montgomery


I am Anthony W. Montgomery, a software firm CEO, business executive, a software industry veteran since 1997, and an early adopter of using the Scrum framework in business settings since 2011. Business agility is the new frontier for the Scrum framework. Why? Too many functional areas and business teams lack a genuinely unified “way of working.” As such, these areas and teams perform tasks, communicate, and follow a semblance of a process without necessarily enjoying the self-direction, shared focus, social accountability, time-boxing, and reflection benefits provided by Scrum. These benefits are universal and transcend teams of all types, and the Scrum framework presents a unique opportunity to change the current sub-culture of teams and the overall culture of organizations. In short, business teams are ripe for transforming how they perform work and unknowingly yearn for what Scrum can provide. Advancing this strategic initiative within Scrum Alliance® to nurture the adoption of Scrum for business teams should be investigated as a priority.

Moreover, while Scrum Alliance has been the premier Scrum institution for a long time, it’s facing significant and unrelenting competition from other organizations and certification companies. The Agile landscape has become increasingly saturated and difficult to navigate, and Scrum Alliance is at a pivotal crossroads and needs to reflect for the future. Is Scrum Alliance a certification company or an education company? In my opinion, like the expansion into business domains, this key identity question must be thoroughly explored and wisely answered.

My business and information technology experience spans more than 20 years of providing successful strategic, fiscal, operational, and technology leadership traversing both not-for-profit and for-profit organizations. I have held such business roles as CEO, CFO, and COO, along with traditional technology roles such as CIO, VP, Director, and project manager. My Agile path has led me from Agile Coach to CEO. Besides this professional experience, my academic work has focused on Agile with a published dissertation titled, “Scrum Framework Effects on Software Team Cohesion, Collaboration, and Motivation: A Social Identity Approach Perspective.” In addition to the psychological, cognitive, and environmental themes uncovered in this study, a key finding was the concept of agility parity between Scrum teams and the overarching organization. Agility parity is crucial for Scrum in general and business agility too. Raising agility parity within all organizations by leveraging the resources available to and the capabilities of Scrum Alliance should be a priority.

Finally, I hold a Doctor of Education in Interdisciplinary Leadership with Agile focus, a Master of Business Administration, and CSP-SM, CSP-PO, CSPO, and CSM certifications. These provide the distinctive and complementary ability to bridge leadership, business, and Agile disciplines. As a board member, I hope to serve the broader community of individuals and companies and apply my breadth and depth of leadership experience to help Scrum Alliance achieve key strategic initiatives and remain relevant to constituents.

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