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About Us

About our Scrummunity

We are community.

We believe in the power of our community so strongly that we have organized the entire company around the customer sectors we serve, from those just starting their agile jouruney to those guiding others. In addition to our own events, we invest in agile and Scrum User Groups, regional gatherings, and industry events around the world.

Scrum Alliance has the largest community of agile experts and enthusiasts in the world. We have 950,000 certificants/members and growing more every day. We have User Groups all over the world, from our headquarters in Denver to London to Bangladesh.

Our community boasts agile thought leaders and innovators, including signers of the Agile Manifesto.

User Groups

Unite with top agile and Scrum practitioners at a User Group near you to learn from others and share your knowledge and experiences.

Regional Events

With our vision being to “Transform the World of Work,” Regional Scrum Gatherings; continue to be an important way for Scrum Alliance to give back to the community. Regional Scrum Gatherings are organized and hosted by local/regional agilists. We collect no fees. We sponsor and supply funding to the organizers so they can create insightful and regionally applicable experiences. We are growing our investment in regionals exponentially so we can meet you where you are.​

Get Involved

Scrum Alliance® relies heavily on the time, talent, and subject matter expertise of you, our community member. We offer an array of opportunities to get involved with us on a variety of programs and projects.