About our Teams & Communities

About Us

About our Teams

We work in cross-functional teams.

Each team has all of the skills—marketing, education, design, IT, support—needed to deliver value to our customers.

We believe in agile and Scrum. Every team has a dedicated ScrumMaster & Product Owner. They communicate directly with customers to better understand their needs and feedback.


Our Community Teams

To learn more about our cross-fucntional teams, select a community team to find out more about who they are and who they serve.

MVP: Button badges when selected open up to reveal a diagram of the respective team. MJP option: Select a role to see info about that person on the team: including, a photo or illustration, with their role/position, their certifications, and something that brings them joy. 

Our Culture

We live the Scrum values: commitment, focus, courage, respect, and openness. And we are sharing every step of our journey to sustainable agility on Unscripted.

Open Positions

We do things differently. Brief description about our hiring events. Read more about our new way of interviewing, on Unscripted.

  • Jobs Positions and Links to Apply (could have a form on our site to apply or send to linkedin, etc.)