Community Advisory Teams Information

Here at Scrum Alliance, we're completely focused on providing value to our community, but we can't do it alone. In order to be successful, we'll need your help! We would like to put together a set of Advisory Teams to help us gather feedback on future feature development.

We have a set of 5 teams focused on specific areas of our community:

  • Foundational
    • Primarily focused on anyone at the start of their Agile Journey. In certification terms, this would be CSMs, CSPOs, and CSDs, but we'll also be focusing on people who have not been certified yet too.
  • Practitioner
    • Looking to build upon what the Foundational team has started. They will mainly focus on people looking to continue building on their Agile knowledge. The certifications they may hold are A-CSM, A-CSPO, CSP-SM, and CSP-PO.
  • Guides
    • The main focus here will be working with current or potential Guides. The certifications within this community will be CSTs, CECs, or CTCs. Though potential Guides may include CSPs, it is not required.
  • Leaders
    • This team will be focused on bringing agile to organizations, collaborating with and educating leaders, managers and other change agents to transform the workforce.
  • Gatherings
    • Focusing on not just the Global Gatherings, but all things event related.

Each team would love the opportunity to work with you in serving the needs of our respective communities! Here is what we'll be asking of our Advisory Teams:
  • Occasionally attend sprint reviews
    • We won't need all of you there at every review - it may be closer to 2 - 4 of you at a time
  • About a 1 - 2 hour commitment per sprint (if you attend a sprint review)
  • Additional channels of communication (e.g. Slack or Email) will vary per team
    • This will be used for quick answers to questions or feedback

Here are some of the things we'll be looking for:
  • Diversity of perspectives (people who haven't volunteered or are in different locations)
  • Different certification combinations (CST, CEC, & CTC)
  • Diverse passion, focus, or specialty areas (e.g. different industries or team types)
  • Tenure with Scrum Alliance
    • Volunteers do not need to be part of the Scrum Alliance Community 
    • We'd like diversity in perspectives, whether it's from newly approved Guides or Guides who have been with the Organization a long time
If you feel you fit the description and would like to help, please fill out this Google Form before X date. Once all entries are in, we'll be reviewing and selecting 25 - 30 people to help us out and get back to you.

If you sign up, thank you! We really appreciate you taking the time to volunteer for one of these groups.

For the rest of you, thank you for taking the time to read this far. We hope to work with you more in the near future.