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Transform your organization with Scrum! Turn your employees into a collaborative, productive, and successful team with the Scrum framework and certified Scrum practitioners. Here are a few Industry Articles in which organizations explain how they achieved success with Scrum.

Pay for Scrum Certifications | Certified ScrumMaster

Another project management-related certification, Certified Scrum Master is focused on software (application) development. Read the entire article

Case Study: College Prep School Uses Agile Practices to Improve Student Engagement

Grandview Preparatory School is a private K–12 school in Florida that offers an innovative learning environment for its 275+ students. It's committed to increasing student engagement, but the faculty initially lacked practical steps to achieve that goal. Read the entire article

Coming Soon: Scrum Alliance Website Improvements

With the coming upgrade to Kentico 10 (our content management system and web platform), you will see some exciting developments to ScrumAlliance.org. Read the entire article

Become More Agile

Interested in more content from Scrum Alliance? There are so many ways you can get more. All you have to do is go to one of our many outlets. Read the entire article

The Best-Loved Content of 2016

Enjoy some of the best-loved content from 2016. Read it again — or for the first time. Read the entire article

[Sponsor Article] Case Study: Going Agile on a Grand Scale

​In early 2015, Agilent's Software & Informatics Division set a new priority: Improve the predictability of the group's performance. The need was clear. At one meeting to review the readiness of software two months in advance of its release, the team discovered 185 points in a backlog that had not been put into the scope of work. The product, already more than a year in development, was delayed another 4 months. The case wasn't an anomaly. The organization was meeting fewer than 20 percent of its release deadlines. Read the entire article

[Video] Scrum Essentials: The Five Scrum Values (2:05)

To truly succeed in Scrum, team members must embrace the five Scrum values: commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect. Learn more about these values in the newest video in the Scrum Essentials series. View the video

Agile Transitions for Managers

Agile transitions are just as much about transitioning existing leadership as changing the way teams communicate and cooperate. Here are some ideas to keep in mind to help your managers feel more comfortable with your changing world of work. Read the entire article

[Sponsor Article] An Introduction to Software Services Lifecycle Management

More and more, software is at the root of many businesses ability to succeed. People are updating the firmware on their cars, they are connecting their smartphones to their refrigerators, they are viewing the feed from their video doorbells from their desktops. Software is a commodity and it is the driving force behind the ever-growing digital transformation -- and how companies can develop, iterate and release their software can be the difference between sinking and swimming. Read the entire article

[Video] Scrum Essentials: Transparency, Inspection, and Adaptation (Duration: 1:57)

Scrum is one of the world’s most popular Agile frameworks, but what makes it so appealing? For one thing, it’s rooted in transparency, inspection, and adaptation—the three pillars of Scrum. Learn more about the importance of these pillars in this essential whiteboard video. View the video

[Select Repost] Is Scrum Right for Your Product?

Scrum is a great framework, but it's not the best fit for every project. Find out what you should consider when deciding if Scrum is right for your product. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] What Is a Product?

While some may find it easy to identify their products, others have trouble with this first step to approaching an Agile project. Read how Mike Cohn defines "product" and learn how to apply this definition to your line of work. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] The Non-Social ScrumMaster

Being a ScrumMaster is all about relationships, right? But being effective means being good with groups of people as well as having quality one-on-one interactions. Learn more about the less social interactions that help develop a great team. Read the entire article

How Do You Know You Need an Agile Coach?

Do you want your organization to stay competitive? Do you want to effect change at your organization? Maybe you just want your employees to enjoy coming to work? Then, it may be time for you to get an Agile coach. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] Formula for Building a Successful Scrum Experience

Do you need a few pointers to help your Scrum team excel? Here are 11 pointers for improving your newly formed team. Read the entire article

Overview of the Scrum Framework

Have you recently become a CSM or CSPO and want a Scrum refresher? Perhaps you received your certification training some time ago and need a refresher. Strengthen your understanding of Scrum roles, artifacts, and activities with this visually rich overview of the Scrum framework. Read the entire article

How Agile Teams Can Overcome Obstacles Created by Distance

Whether it’s created by geography or personal attitudes, distance is a common challenge for Agile teams. Learn how distributed teams and collocated teams can both overcome the issues that distance creates. Read the entire article

7 Skills You Need to Be a Great Product Owner

There is more to product ownership than owning the backlog and creating user stories. Product owners are versatile diplomats with a hint of storyteller. Learn what qualities help someone in this role stand out from the crowd. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] 10 Tips for Creating an Agile Product Roadmap

A product roadmap is a powerful tool to describe how a product is likely to grow, to align the stakeholders, and to acquire a budget for developing the product. But creating an effective roadmap is not easy, particularly in an agile context where changes occur frequently and unexpectedly. This post shares ten practical tips to helps you create an actionable agile product roadmap. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] User Stories: Match the Goal to the Role

Do your user stories actually reflect the needs and desires of your users? This post offers a quick overview of what you should think about when creating user-centric user stories. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] Agile and the Death of Annual Reviews

Agile HR departments often talk about separating individual performance reviews from salary reviews. This post discusses one way to do this--by coupling salary reviews and team performance reviews. Read the entire article

What Executives Can Expect from a Transition to Agile: Part 2

In the beginning stages of a transition to Agile, you may find yourself wondering, “What have I gotten myself into?” That’s understandable as you face the challenge of making such a dramatic change to your company’s management style. Here’s what to expect — and what to do — as you work with a coach to implement a successful Agile transformation. Read the entire article

What Executives Can Expect from a Transition to Agile: Part 1

You know you need to work with a coach, and that process is poised to begin. What can you expect from your first conversations, and how can you prepare yourself to take full advantage of the process you’re about to embark upon? Read the entire article

[Select Repost] Scaling the Product Owner Role

In theory, the product owner is one person. But in practice, managing a larger, complex product is usually a shared effort. But how can product ownership be split without resulting in decisions by committee and creating a weak or even inconsistent product? In this post, Roman Pichler discusses different techniques to help you scale the product owner role successfully, and he explains when each technique should be applied. Read the entire article

[Video] Agile Beyond IT (Duration: 6:27)

Though Agile began in the IT sector, many organizations are adopting it throughout all departments. What does Scrum look like cross-company and outside the IT industry? View the video

[Video] Thrivent Financial’s Inspiring Transformation, Now with More than 30 Agile Teams (Duration 6:43)

Thrivent Financial began their Agile transformation with project teams and moved to permanent teams after a unanimous vote to continue working that way and with immense support from their leadership team. The primary business objective was speed to market, but they’ve realized so many more benefits that come with Agile adoption. Read the entire article

[Video] Tennessee Department of Transportation Shortens Releases from Years to Weeks While Bringing Joy Back to Work (Duration: 7:07)

TDOT began their Agile transformation through their PMO about 4 years ago after the IT Director picked up a book on Scrum. Since then, they’ve completely restructured areas of the organization in order to make their Agile transformation successful, resulting in faster delivery and a more positive culture. Read the entire article

[Video] Agile Education Compass (Duration: 5:22)

What does it mean for an educator to be Agile? Discover how the education community is adapting Agile to be used in a 21st century classroom. Read the entire article

[Video] Agile Leadership (Duration 7:43)

When Agile is initiated at the team level, the leader is often not a part of the transition. This video spotlights several viewpoints on the characteristics an Agile leader has and needs to make an Agile transformation successful. Read the entire article

[Video] Diversity in Agile (Duration: 3:32)

Agile women discuss how diversity is really about the first Agile principle: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Read the entire article

[Video] How Agile is Fueling Innovation (Duration: 2:45)

How do Agile and innovation go hand in hand? Watch these experts talk about what it means to be an innovative Agile organization. Read the entire article

Case Study: Bottomline’s Geneva Financial Messaging Teams Go Agile

When Geneva-based Sterci joined Bottomline in late 2013, it was a priority to transition the Financial Messaging teams to Scrum. The goals for the enterprise transition were straightforward: The Financial Messaging teams needed to continue to maintain high quality while at the same time delivering more quickly and improving automation. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] Splitting User Stories

Having trouble splitting user stories? This post gives a framework for knowing whether your user stories have the information and detail your team needs to develop a valuable product. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] How to Get Started with Story Points via Affinity Estimation (and Cheat Sheet)

It's often difficult for new Scrum teams to understand estimating as a relative measurement rather than a specific time designation. This post helps Scrum professionals approach this complex concept with simple exercises and tools. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] Daily Scrum: To Follow the Rules...or Not

When transitioning to Scrum, teams often struggle with the question of whether or not to include product owners and other stakeholders to daily meetings. This post discusses how to make that decision. Read the entire article

Agile Beyond IT: Targeted Marketing

Marketers are quickly finding that they can be more effective when they use customer-centric iterations rather than fully developed campaigns. Learn how a couple marketers have used Scrum and Agile to quickly respond to their customers’ needs. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] 7 Agile Practices You Can Apply In A Controlled Environment

So your teams want to do Agile, perhaps have even started doing so. Now your project managers run around wondering what story points are and why any number of people seem to be attributing hours to their project code. So the question is: what can you adopt easily without turning the Governance of your organisation upside down? Read the entire article

[Sponsor Article] Implementing Scrum like a Jedi Master… or a Sith Lord, from Axosoft

This article will outline 5 agile practices that would help Darth Vader build a Death Star, but will also help you manage Scrum projects that are equally as impactful on the galaxy! Read the entire article

[Select Repost] If You Don’t Engage Your Teams, Don’t Be Shocked If Your Estimates Are Wrong

Here are a few examples--based on television shows--of simple ways for any team to be more Agile. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] Succeeding with Your Agile Coach

Bringing in an Agile Coach is an excellent and likely necessary part of unlocking your Agile transformation. However, a successful engagement with a coach will have you more connected and active with your transformation, not less. So consider these 5 positive coaching engagement patterns. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] 5 Ways to Organize Agile Teams

How to organize teams in an optimal way is a common question in Agile organizations. A question you should always discuss and answer together with the people in the actual teams. This post provides you with an overview of 5 possibilities for organizing teams and the main factors to take into account. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] Why Scrum? The 6 Very Real Benefits of Agile

This post looks briefly at each of the six benefits of Agile: delighted customers, better ROI, cost reduction, fast results, success in a complex environment, and more joy. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] ‘Scouting Ahead with Product Backlog Refinement’ – Part 11 of the Scrum Myth-Buster Series

Ilan Goldstein, in this AxisAgile blog post, tackles the myth that for any given Product Backlog Item we need to do the functional design, technical design, test design, development and testing all in the one (and same) Sprint. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] Scaling — What's it all about?

Jim York argues, in this blog post, that scaling Agile requires starting with the simple and progressing through practice to mastery. Here he offers basic steps to go from small to larger scale Agile. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] Agile Change or Adoption - The Steps to Go From "Why" to "How"

If your organization is going to become an Agile organization, and you understand that it has to be a collaborative discussion and effort rather than an executive decree, here are the key ingredients to move forward with that decision effectively. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] Summarizing the Results of a Sprint

The end of an Agile sprint or iteration should be a relatively lightweight occasion. After all, it’s something that will be done at least once a month, and often much more frequently than that. So, it’s important that we don’t burden a team with any more process ceremony than necessary. Often a very simple sprint review is all that is needed. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] 12 Seemingly Normal Things Agile People Do

There are some Agile behaviors that are not a part of any guide. These are the real-world behaviors that keep a team on track and move work forward. Here are 12 simple habits that Agile teammates exhibit every day. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] Adventures In Agile Marketing: The Editorial Calendar

Editorial calendars and marketing campaigns are often approached through a waterfall process. This blog post describes how marketers can be more Agile when approaching projects. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] Agile vs Waterfall

Here is a one-page summary of some key differences between Agile and Waterfall. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] 5 Must-Haves For Great Story Writing

Scrum stories can be written using the same skills you learned in elementary school. Follow the guidelines in this blog post to go from basic story writing skills to complete Scrum story. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] The Agile Product Owner Responsibilities

The application of the product owner role varies greatly, as products and organisations differ. But Roman Pichler argues that there are two key factors that determine the duties of a product owner: the scope and the depth of ownership. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] The Elusive Product Owner

The Product Owner's responsibilities are expansive and can sometimes last a year or more. How do you find someone who is ideal for "maximizing the value of the product"? Here are a few tips. Read the entire article

[Select Repost] The Value of Pair-Coaching… What’s in It for You?

In this post, authors Geoff Watts and Andrea Tomasini argue that pair coaching has built-in supervision and thus allows for real-time observation and feedback on coaching style, presence, technique and effectiveness as well as learning from each other. Read the entire article

[Sponsor White Paper]: Eleven Lessons Learned About Agile Hardware Development

A previous paper by the author, Agile Processes for Hardware Development, argued that a Scrum process should be effective for development of electronic and electromechanical devices. This paper from cPrime presents a case study of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s experiment with using Scrum to develop equipment for analytical chemistry. Read the entire article

4 Signs Your Scrum Team Is Struggling

Do you wonder whether your Scrum team is performing at its best? Here are four danger signs to watch for, and actions you can take to help. Read the entire article

The Top 3 Benefits Companies See During the Transition to Scrum

Yes, it takes time to switch to Scrum, but some benefits reveal themselves even before the transition is complete. Here are 3 team and company improvements you could see early on. Read the entire article

The Top 3 Challenges Companies Face During the Transition to Scrum

So you want to transition your organization to Scrum -- what stumbling blocks should you expect along the way? We asked experts about the top 3 challenges, and how to address them. Read the entire article

How to Measure Scrum Success

Companies thinking about implementing Scrum are naturally worried about return on the investment involved. How can you measure whether Scrum is a success? The answer is: You're probably already doing what it takes. Read the entire article

Case Study: How Bottomline Reached for the Top -- and Got There with Scrum

Bottomline Technologies was a successful and growing company back in 2012 when it decided to "go Scrum," and the bold move proved that good can become better. Read the entire article

The Top 3 Scrum Myths

When it comes to myths and misconceptions about Scrum, there doesn't seem to be any shortage. Learn what trainers hear about Scrum from executives, management, and developers. Read the entire article

Scrum Roles Demystified

When an organization decides to embrace Scrum, one of the first things to understand is how Scrum roles differ from traditional project execution roles. While there are only three main roles in Scrum, they don't automatically align with titles familiar to most of us. Let's take a closer look at who's on a Scrum team, and what they do. Read the entire article

Case Study: Highline College's Dramatic Scrum Success

Take a professor with vision. Add an Agile coach with the practical know-how, some willing business owners, and a class full of students wanting to learn marketable skills. Then blend with Scrum, and what do you get? A revolution in the college classroom. Read the entire article

Case Study: Mayden's Transformation from Waterfall to Scrum

Mayden, a U.K. company providing software to the health care industry, had a reputation for being responsive to customer needs. However, CEO Chris May explains that, in trying to be flexible in a Waterfall environment, "We reached a point where we had started lots of things but were finishing very little." Read the entire article

Case Study: Scrummy School: Learners Successfully Self-Organize

One of the best things about Scrum successes is that they sometimes occur in environments where Scrum is not the obvious choice. Consider the case of Karl Royle, principal lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton in England, who helped launch a remarkable initiative that demonstrates just how flexible Scrum can be. Read the entire article

4 Things You Need to Know About Scrum

Are you thinking about starting a journey toward implementing Scrum? Are your employees and IT management talking about the benefits that could be achieved by moving toward the most popular of the Agile project management frameworks -- Scrum? Read the entire article

3 Ways Scrum Attracts Top Performers

You want to attract and keep the best talent, but as the economy rebounds, that's becoming harder and harder. Read the entire article

The Financial Benefits of Scrum

You often hear about the benefits of Scrum for teams and team members. Those benefits are real, and they can be significant. However, Scrum delivers beyond the team. It can drive tremendous financial benefits for organizations. Read the entire article

Is Your Organization Ready for Scrum?

Consider these key points if you're trying to decide whether you -- and your organization -- are prepared to implement Scrum. Read the entire article


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