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My Scrum Diary

The day the PO was gone

28 May 2015

Dear Diary,

Today our PO was absent for the planning meeting. None of us wanted to cancel the sprint planning, so we held the meeting as usual. As a ScrumMaster, I was delegated the role of PO to work with the team during planning. But actually, we decided to make this a backlog refinement meeting.

The team clarified the stories, prioritized them, and made commitments for the sprint. We dropped some stories, as we didn't really understand the use cases. However, the good thing is that we completed preparing for the backlog and picked up whatever we could to finish during the sprint.

How great this team is! I dare say that in this case, as long as every story has assigned and understood business value, the team can plan the work backlog by themselves.

I think this is inspiring. In Agile, we used to have two exclusive roles: the PO and the team. But from what I can tell, we may ultimately need just one role.

Your thoughts?

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