Coaches Retreat Okinawa, Nago City
October 29-31, 2018

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We are pleased announce that we host the Scrum Coaching Retreat in Okinawa 2018 at the Kanuchi Bay resort area. Located about 600km south west of the Japan main islands, Okinawa has been the location where different cultures meet making it a great place to host a coaches retreat.

It will be a great opportunity for coaches and coaches-to-be to collaborate with others, learning from one another and producing useful outcomes that changes the way of work.

Impressions from Previous Retreats:

The best part of a retreat for me is to collaborate with experienced coaches intensively, which is a great learning and networking opportunity. We seldom have chance to work this way with so many experts.
- Daniel Teng

My biggest takeaway from the Phoenix and Thailand coaching retreats I have been a part of is to be able to connect to fellow coaches, debate, and discuss the art of coaching and also listen to their case studies.
- Madhur Kathuria

Sharing ideas with some of the most experienced Scrum coaches in the world gave me fresh insights into my own work. And it was fun!
- Alan Callaghan

It was a fantastic experience. It was the first time since embarking on my Agile adventure that I felt like I wasn't the only one going through the challenges and difficulties I and my teams were experiencing.
- Sam Birkinshaw

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