We will use Open Space Technology to deeply dive into topics of Scrum, coaching, product development, teams etc with your preference with your team members. We have surely have Sprint reviews and retrospectives of your outcomes and processes.  But most importantly, we have much slack in a beautiful island beach area.

The retreats are based around a number of principles:
  • Retreat: The event creates time and space for focused learning and growth.
  • Scrum: Learning is done using an empirical framework called Scrum.
  • Teams: Teams are the heart of Scrum and are a key differentiator at the Retreats.
  • Deep: Teams go deep into single topics, rather than covering many broad areas.
  • Long: Learning, collaboration, and relationships continue long after the event.
  • Shared learning: The event is designed for deep, collaborative, shared learning.
  • Two sleeps: Connections are made when our brains are quiet; the two nights of sleep allow for creative idea formation.
  • Slack: Retreat schedules will allow time for reflection, renewal, rest and retreat from the fast pace of life and work