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June 26-28, 2016

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Dr. Kiran Bedi is the first woman in India to have served as an officer in the Indian Police Service. She served there for 35 years and achieved the highest rank as Director General, Bureau of Police Research and Development, Government of India. Appointed by the U.N. Secretary General, Dr. Bedi served as civilian police advisor in the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations. She is the recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award, also called Asia's Nobel Peace Prize, for bringing about a positive relationship between police and the population. Dr. Bedi is a law graduate, holds a master's, and is a PhD holding the postdoctoral Nehru Fellowship. She has written several books, including I Dare, It's Always Possible, and Creating Leadership. Dr. Bedi has been voted the most admired and trusted woman in India by Reader's Digest, The Week, and other magazines. She has a biopic on her life titled Yes Madam, Sir, directed by an Australian filmmaker. Dr. Bedi is running two NGOs that reach out to marginalized sections of society, including prisons, for education and skills development.

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