We hope that you enjoyed the Global Scrum Gathering® Bengaluru 2016! Below is a listing of all speakers [listed alphabetically by last name] who provided a presentation for their session. We will continuously update this site as we receive speaker presentations.

Åhlander, Arne - The Listening Skills of a ScrumMaster

Bandaru, Vijay - Creating Engineering Culture

Basterfield, Susan - Scrum and Alternative Governance Models for Charities and Social Enterprise

Bramania, Suraj - Filmmaking using Scrum

Belilos, Nicole -  Cross cultural communication on Agile teams

Detsch, Steffen - Payback: How We Survived Building and Launching a Worldwide Loyalty Platform at PAYBACK/Plenti

Forte, Stephen - The Lean Startup and Agile: Full Circle

Friend, Tom - Aviation CRM & Checklist tools to empower Scrum Teams

Gupta, Deepak Kuma - Crossing the Chasm: Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Harada, Kiro - TPS Lean and Scrum

Hering, Mirco - How to Apply Scrum for a System or DevOps Team When Implementing a New Developer Platform

Jardine, Lewis - Practicing Agile Delivery Dates

Jepsen, Allan Rennebo - The Beyond Scrum Guide

Konduru, Suresh - Organizational Dysfunctions During Agile Transformation

Kumar, Ashish - A Confused Tester in Agile World ... QA A Liability or an Asset

Ledalla, Madhavi - Expirements in the Retrospective Space

Lopez-Stuit, Jeff - Local Culture and Global Agility

Mahe, Sylvain - The Day I Realized I Was Not (Yet) an Agile Coach

Mezik, Daniel - Dare to Innovate

Mithare, Raghavendra - Ontological constraints for coaching ‘Agile teams’

Molenaar, Jeroen - How to Win a Solar Race Using Scrum

Nanjundappa, Naveen - 4 Focus Areas for Total Agile Transformation

Nyman, Ran - From Taylorism to Agile Organization

Radon, Bjorn - Help! My self-organizing team does not self-organize!

Rahman, Mizanur - CodeCeption & PHPCI

Reynolds, Tom - Maximising Your Chances Of Success

Richter, Dr. Wolfgang - Alternative Billing Models

Singh, Manjit - The Power of Mindsets and Questioning in Agile Coaching

Singh, Naveen Kumar - Behaviour Driven Development – Deliver value by collaboration

Sussmann, Sebastian - Touch the Culture

Teo, Dan - Agile HR Organization

Varma, Tathagat - Selling Scrum to the C-Suite

Venkataramaiah, Satisha - Lean Enterprise Agile Framework

Warnert, Natalie - Prioritizing Value Beyond Boundaries

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