We hope that you enjoyed the Global Scrum Gathering® Orlando 2016! Below is a listing of all speakers [listed alphabetically by last name] who provided a presentation for their session. We will continuously update this site as we receive speaker presentations.

Amsjo, Geir - Scrum is a debugger. Use it!

Baker, Nigel - TBC - TBA - WTF: Uncertainty in an Agile World

Barrilleaux, Rebecca - Orbiting Our Values: How do we adhere to Scrum in an Outsourcing, Offshore model?

Barton, Brent & Rudd, John - Beyond: Executing Better with Happier People

Bernstein, David - Take Your Software Beyond Legacy Code

Bonacci, Victor & Dunn, Scott - Pair-Coaching Domino Game

Broderick, Tricia - Helping Others Take Ownership of Resolving Conflict

Campbell-Pretty, Em - Thawing the Frozen Middle

Carter, Paul & Collier, Michael - Three . . Two . .One. . .WAIT!?! Making sure we deliver “The Right Stuff” and fully tested quality code!

Cottmeyer, Mike - Three Things You Must Know to Transform Any Sized Organization into an Agile Enterprise

Cusack, Jason - Take Me to Your Leader - Making Contact through Scaled Retrospectives!

De Toledo, Rodrigo, & Sabbagh, Rafael - Lean Products - how to deliver highly valuable products in a ridiculously short time frame

Denning, Steve - Agile Leadership: The Role of Mindset

Dunn, Scott - Your Job - Adventure or Safety? The Key to Living a Better Story 

Eyholzer, Fabiola - Agile HR – Your Secret to Enterprise Agility

Few, Mike -  Combat Scrum: From Iraq to the Research Triangle Park

Flemming, Erick - Fuel Your Product With High Octane Continuous Delivery

French, Mark & Sumare, Krissyn - Gen Z - Learning to be Agile

Friend, Thomas - Scrum Team CRM: Aviation Crew Resource Management Techniques for Scrum Teams

Fuller, Dan & Waggoner, Chris - Shoot for the Moon and reach your goal with the Agile Metrics Canvas (AMC)

Galen, Bob - Why The World Needs More Prescriptive Agile Coaches

Garrido, Marcos - Myths and Facts of Agile/Scrum

Gifford, James - 1500 Horse Power of Scrum Built Car Crushing Mayhem

Hale, Randy - Driving Culture Change and an Organizational Agile Mindset

Harbott, Karim - The Economics of Product Development

Hawks, David - Overcome the Top 6 AntiPatterns of an Agile Adoption

Kilby, Mark - Are you remotely agile?

Levison, Mark - Beyond Scrum: Building High-Performing Organizations – a game for Managers, ScrumMasters and Product Owners

Li, Chris - The Tadpole Technique - Breaking things down with an interactive approach

Limbaugh, Dave - Help! My Product Owner is Captain “Wrong Way” Peachfuzz!

Louie, Stacey - What Really Makes Change Happen?: Confessions of an ex-CIO's Journey to Agility

MacIntyre, Don - Scrum at the Intersect of Mobile, Cloud, and the Internet of Things

Maloney, Bernie - Create Influence, On Demand

Martin, Steven - Pin the tail on the metric

Matarelli, Maria & Waters, Rick - Agile for Social Good - Boy Scouts Using Scrum

Molenaar, Jeroen - How to win a solar challenge race by using Scrum

Morrison, Suzanne - The 7 Deadly Sins of the Retrospective

Powers, Laura M. - It Was a Dark & Stormy Sprint – Tell Us a Scrum Team Story

Quiroz, Gustavo - Conscious Leadership through Impecable Conversations

Sabarksy, Leon - Extreme Scrum Team Hiring: Ensuring your Scrum Team has the Right Stuff

Sahota, Michael - Reinventing Organizations

Schartau, Johannes & Greg Myers - Forging the Team Space - Agile Facilitation on Fire

Sjoberg, Brian & Stephan, Fadi - Get Your Productivity Game On!

Smits, Hubert - Five Levels of Refinement

Spayd, Michael - Well Begun is Half-way Done: A 'How to' Guide for Conducting an Organizational Assessment Prior to Scaling

Srinivasan, Aakash & Angiras, Vivek - How To Design Your Own Retrospective

Srinivasan, Ram - More with LeSS…

Swanson, Brad - Validate It Before You Build It! Practical tools for a Product Owner

Tanner, Jason - Product Owner Decision Games for Fun and Readiness

Tomasini, Andrea - Stop scaling... start growing an agile organization!

Waggoner, Chris & Lopez-Stuit, Jeff - To Affinity and Beyond

Warnert, Natalie - Houston - we have a priority!

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