Pacifica Ballroom 6/7
Agile Upward and Outward
Justin Segal, Marty Garza, Michelle Accardi, and Neveka Mattenet
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Agile Upward and Outward
Justin Segal, Marty Garza, Michelle Accardi, and Neveka Mattenet
Room: Pacifica Ballroom 6/7
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Summary: Agile has been a hot and trending methodology in the software industry for quite some time now. In fact, Agile has increasingly been appearing in mainstream publications touting success in non-software project settings. Given its success, Agile is extending well beyond software development and into business functions, and its ability to adapt to other areas has caught on.

In this session you will hear perspectives as to how Agile principles are moving upward through leadership levels and outward across multiple departments encompassing various types of effort, including strategy, planning, and marketing.

Through this session you will gain a better appreciation of how Agile extends beyond the technology realm and an understanding of how leaders in various industries have adopted Agile principles effectively.

Justin Segal

Justin is an operations Executive and Entrepreneur specializing in real estate investment and management, startups, and technology. He is the founder of Stemmons Enterprise, a universal operations platform that allows companies to operate with pervasive data and unparalleled agility. He often speaks on topics involving enterprise data, analytics, and user experience.

Marty Garza

Marty is a seasoned technology executive for Southwest Airlines. He has a wealth of experience in delivering strategic business capabilities, especially leading enterprise-wide transformational initiatives that incorporated scaling Agile principles across business and technology.

Michelle Accardi

Michelle Accardi is an award-winning marketer and author of Agile Marketing. She currently is COO of Star2Star Communications, one of the fastest growing UCaaS companies in the US. A 20-year technology veteran, Michelle is a world-renowned technical thought leader on next generation marketing and communications strategies, has substantial executive-level and tech industry experience having driven innovative, agile, revenue-producing corporate, digital, product, field and channel marketing programs.

Moderator: Nevenka Mattenet

Nevenka is a seasoned professional in PwC with extensive experience enabling clients in product innovation and development in various industries with a particular specialty in Agile. She focuses on product strategy formulation, large-scale business-driven technology transformations, product development and commercialization process improvement.
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