We hope that you enjoyed the Global SCRUM GATHERING® Minneapolis 2018! Below is a listing of all speakers [listed alphabetically by last name] who provided a presentation for their session. We will continuously update this site as we receive speaker presentations.



Monday Morning Keynote
The Life of Scrum
Billy McLaughlin


Wednesday Afternoon Closing Keynote
Conscious Communication to Bring out the Best in People and Others
Dr. Rick Brinkman


Baker, Nigel - Advanced Advancedness

Beaty, Beth - Recharge Your Teams - Hold a Hackathon

Beaver, Jan - Scrum By Heart: The Chiara String Quartet Scrum Experience

Bellomo, Julee  - Introverts Survival Guide to Scrum

Bernstein, David - Five Development Practices Essential for Scrum Teams

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Brinkman, Dr. Rick - Conscious Communication® for the Scrum Gathering

Borne, Stevie - Improving Your Listening Mojo

Cheng, Richard - Aligning the VIsion for Product Success

Cheng, Richard  - Group Hug

Boydston, Audrey  - Building and Sustaining Antifragile Teams

De La Maza, Michael - Online Technology Government Management Consulting

Everett, Julee - The Introvert's Survival Guide to Scrum

Fors, Tobias - Systems Thinking For The Rest Of Us

Fryrear, Andrea - Going with the Flow: Adapting Scrum for Agile Marketing

Gardner, David - Visual Agile: Sketchnotes for Coaching and Training

Gottesdiener, Ellen - Product Backlog Refinement with Structured Conversations

Gentry, David - Anarchy

Green, Peter - Authentic Scrum

Green, Peter - Jazz and Scrum

Griffin, Dr. Leigh - The Trials and Tribulations of Agile Adoption

Hall, Michael - 10 Steps to a Successful Enterprise Agile Transformation - the Precipitous Path to Predictability!

Hall, Michael - Building the Right Product Using Experiment-Driven Development

Hawks, David - Move Beyond User Stories ... What's Next?

Hawks, David - The Post Project Era - The Future of Agile

Hartman, Bob - Stop Using Band-Aids and Fix Your Real Problems!

Horowitz, David - The 7 Secrets of Highly Effective Retrospectives!

Horowitz, David - Stop Complaining and Start Learning!

Johnson, Lonnie Weaver - Changing MIndsets

Klimov, Kirill - Practical Integral Agility

Kulkarni, Amit  - Testing Is Dead

Lawrence, Richard - Growing Your Facilitation Skills

Lilja, Sami - Simple solutions at the heart of Agile

Lynn, Daniel - GSG Talk Technical Practices Refresher

Megaw, Kate - Agile Leadership - The Power of Influence

Mitchell, Stuart - Agile Governance: Evolution or Revolution

Mitchell, Tamsen - Color Outside the Lines

Oehlberg, Timothy - Increasing your User Group Participation

Palmer, Brett - Using LeSS for Organizational Transformation Success

Parent, Jason - Integrating WW Partners Into SCRUM

Prior, Dave - Agility Canvas for SG2018

Prior, Dave - Hacking Agile for Digital Agencies and Handouts

Punita, Dave - Making Winning Products: A Needle in a Haystack

Pylayeva, Dana - The Self-Selection Game: A Quest for High-Performing Scrum Teams

Rapin, Eric - Helping Leaders See the Pain of Too Much Change

Rhoda, Dee - Raise Your Scrum Master Game

Richards, Tony - You Can't Coach Dead Fish

Roberts, Simon; Simonova, Marina; Rayat, Savannah - Business Agility with Enterprise Scrum

Rosengren, Kevin - Product Owners with a Product Mindset

Runyon, Tamara - Comparing Effective Team Structure for Value Delivery

Saboe, David - Five Scrum Masters You'll Meet in Hell

Sahota, Michael - Delivering a High-Performance Agile Organization

Sammicheli, Paolo - Scrum in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Sarni, Bob - Radical Collaboration

Schartau, Johannes - How to Survive the Zombie Scrum Apocalypse

Sharrock, Dave - Epic Budgeting

Sims, Chris; Simpson, Cathy - Retrospective Games

Singh, Manjit - 3 Ways To Restore Government Contracts for Agile Services

Spearman, Steven - ScrumMaster: Servant or Leader A Guide for New ScrumMasters

Stuedemann, Mike & Weaver, Lonnie - Fill Your ScrumMaster Toolbox – “Tips and Tricks”

Sussmann, Sebastian - Think outside the box

Swanson, Brad - Validate It Before You Build It!

Thayer, Bret - Agile in the Classroom: How Agile Can Better Prepare Students for the Demands of the 21st Century Workplace

Thesingh, Nandha - There is No Change Without Transition

Turner, Stuart - 3 Aspirations

Wykowska, Justyna; Wykowska, Tomasz - What We've Learned by Scrumming Sales and Support Teams

Winterboer, Lynn - Behavior-Driven Development for Data-Focused Teams: Agile Enablement for DW & BI Teams

Winterboer, Lynn - Test Automation: Agile Enablement for Business Intelligence Teams

Wyman, Julie; Shirck, Sarah - Managing Resistance: How the Kanban Method Supports Lasting Change