The Agile mindset is innovating business as we know it.

Business leaders working to navigate large organizations through an Agile transformation must navigate an environment that abounds with misunderstandings regarding the role, purpose and meaning of organizational agility. The resources here are intended to address those concerns for top business leaders and provide exclusive data to facilitate understanding of Agile transformation and its outcomes.

Time to market with agile.

The Elusive Agile Enterprise:
The 2018 Report

  • What is Agile?

    Creating an organization that is truly Agile is not an accomplishment most business leaders find easy. The first step is to understand the difference between Agility and Agile.

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  • What is Scrum?

    Scrum falls within “Agile,” which is the umbrella term for several types of approaches to getting any complex, innovative scope of work done. But what does it mean?

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  • Leveraging Agile

    Agile stands on the proven theory that better communication and swift, organization-wide adaptability positively impacts output.

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