You can now enroll in a LIVE ONLINE Certified ScrumMaster or Certified Scrum Product
Owner course. Empower yourself and be ready for what comes next.
Check out some of their testimonials:
Check out a video from our Chief Product Owner Howard Sublett, explaining why this
new format of CSM and CSPO is the right move in this time of crisis.
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You’ll experience the same rigorous content and connection. The difference is that you’ll
be in a live online classroom setting, via a video conference tool.
Here’s how to find learning opportunities:
Now, the most important things to us are making a connection, supporting each other, and preparing for the
future. We are proud to have the opportunity to navigate this together. Our global community has come
together to bring you LIVE ONLINE COURSES from the world’s most renowned and respected Certified Scrum
Trainers. For the first time in our history, you have the opportunity to earn a Scrum Alliance CSM or CSPO
certification online.
The world is facing unprecedented uncertainty due to COVID-19. The organizations that will survive this
moment and thrive in the new normal to come are those who have the agility to adapt. People and
organizations who have the knowledge about how to adapt are the ones who will thrive.
That’s why now we offer live online certification courses so you can be ready.
Under the Certification Courses tab, you’ll find certified Scrum courses that are being conducted virtually
and “in-person,” which means they’re offered in a live online format. These courses meet the standards of an
in-person course and include at least 14 hours of face-to-face time with a Certified Scrum Trainer.
The Continuing Education tab includes courses that may be previously recorded, accessible on-demand and
can be taken at your own pace. These professional development courses are available for SEU credit.
“Wow, the CSPO class that I took was phenomenal. I originally was scheduled to take the class in person but
due to the recent events in society I decided to try "virtual." It amazes me how Agile and Flexible we can be
in times of uncertainty. What I particularly liked about the class was that I was able to collaborate with other
team members with no impediments. It felt like an actual live class and the Instructor was able to flawlessly
execute the Lesson Plan. I had a great time and actually made new friends within the "breakout" rooms. My
entire mindset on "virtual" classes has now changed!!! I look forward to getting more classes done now!
Great work everyone”
Craig Harriman, Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach & Trainer, Transformation Management Office (TMO)
at Lockheed
“This CSM virtual course was amazing and exceeded my expectations!! I loved that we still got to meet in
smaller breakout groups - where online tools were accessible, fun and provided us with a platform to
collaborate. Ben was an engaging, organized and very knowledgeable instructor! He made it welcoming for
all 30+ of us to engage - I did not feel like I was lost among the other zoom screens :) I GREATLY appreciate
that this CSM course was offered virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has left me unemployed.
Being able to use my gift of time to increase my knowledge, gain a certification that I'm proud of, and ideally
walk back into the workforce more hire-able and more aligned with the work that I truly want to do feels
amazing! Thank you for your efforts to open this up virtually.”
“The Virtual Course was a success. The beauty was that participants were from different parts of the world
and were able to collaborate well.”
“Loved the collaboration! And, loved the virtual option!!”
“Very engaging and well done. I learned so much!”
What is the difference between the different Scrum Alliance course facilitation styles (In-Person, Live Online,
Scrum Alliance offers its certification courses in multiple facilitation styles to cater to different students’
learning styles and specific needs. All of our certification courses are a minimum of 14 hours and must cover
the designated learning objectives.
In-Person courses require students to physically attend a classroom with their Certified Scrum Trainer (CST).
These are typically held for two consecutive days with 7-8 hours of class time per day. In-person courses
promote engagement among classmates with interactive activities, such as games, that help students
understand the Scrum framework.
Live Online courses allow students to attend a certification course from the comfort of their home. The CST will
be teaching the class in real time using a webcam and tools that allow students to interact with one another so
they may master the Scrum framework. Similarly to an in-person course, these classes are highly interactive,
and students are able to virtually collaborate with one another. These classes may be held for multiple
consecutive days with shorter hours to maintain focus and engagement. We encourage you to read the
description of a class on our Course Search page; our CSTs have developed unique, creative ways to create a
transformational online course experience.
On-Demand/Self-Paced courses allow students to complete the certification’s designated learning objectives at
their own schedule. They involve pre-recorded video lessons that may be accessed at any time along with a
small amount of contact hours with the CST.
1. Do online courses come with certification?
We have adapted to bring you our CSM, CSPO and all other courses and certifications in a LIVE ONLINE version.
You will experience the same rigorous content and connection. For the CSM, you will also access the Certified
ScrumMaster test online and if you pass the assessment, you will receive your certification. For all the other
certifications, you will receive your individual certificate, just as if you have taken the in-person course.
2. What courses am I able to register for (mostly in regards to geographical locations)-with this, if a specific
country is offering less expensive courses, would people take advantage?
You can take advantage of ALL our LIVE ONLINE offerings. This means you no longer need to sign up for a
course with the closest Certified Scrum Trainer in your city. You can take advantage of our global network and
choose the right trainer for you. We believe this new format will enable you to engage with a global network and
create new connections with people with different perspectives and backgrounds. Just make sure you select the
training in the language you prefer.
• Be prepared for what’s next by sharpening your agile knowledge and skills.
• Become more marketable -- distance yourself from the competition.
• Earn the most respected certification in the agile space.
• Obtain invaluable agile coaching skills that will help you support and guide your organization through
• Engage with a global network and create new connections with people with different perspectives,