Scrum Alliance® Registered Education Provider (REP)

Application Overview

Scrum Alliance® Registered Education Provider (REP) Application

General instructions for completing the REP Application

The Scrum Alliance REP® program is designed to authorize certain well-qualified businesses and instructors to offer and instruct Scrum Alliance Continuing Education and Certified Scrum Developer® (CSD®) courses. Applicants will be authorized as REPs upon (1) successful completion of this application; (2) successful approval of business, course, and trainer reviews; and (3) signing and submitting the corresponding current form of the Scrum Alliance REP Agreement.

The requirements and instructions outlined in the applications will guide you through the process of submitting proper documentation to be considered a Registered Education Provider. The completed application and all corresponding documentation will be treated as confidential and distributed to Scrum Alliance-authorized reviewers only.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a REP partner. Questions concerning the Scrum Alliance REP program in general, and requests for its associated policies, should be directed to

Application for new REP Organizations

Aspiring organizations wishing to become a Scrum Alliance REP can begin their journey by applying using one of the applications below.

The application and supporting materials can be submitted using our file sharing site. In addition to submitting the application, please provide the appropriate application fee**.


*You can view a current list of all scaling offerings being offered through Scrum Alliance by visiting here
**For new REP applicants, your application fee includes one (1) course and one (1) instructor review. See Additional Course and Instructor Applications for more information.

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