Present a Scrum Alliance® Community Webinar

Through Scrum Alliance’s community webinars, Scrum Alliance presents live, interactive webinars hosted by industry experts on the latest Scrum/Agile trends. Webinar attendees are also eligible to receive 1 SEU (Scrum Education Unit®).

Participants who are new to Agile and Scrum or want to take their career to the next level will gain insight and knowledge to help them transform their world of work. We want you to be a part of this education initiative.


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Information for the Presenter

What is a webinar?
A webinar is a virtual program broadcasted live via the ReadyTalk webinar platform using a PowerPoint presentation for the visual part and a land-line telephone connection to provide a high quality audio portion (a cell phone does not have good enough audio for a webinar). Webinars are recorded, archived, and made available to participants on-demand.

How long does a webinar last?
Scrum Alliance webinars are 60 minutes in length. For a 60-minute program, presenters should prepare a 35-45 minutes presentation and devote 10-15 minutes for question and answer segments (questions will be flagged in the chat window) and poll questions (combination of multiple choice/single answer, multiple choice/multiple answer, or text answers).

What are the presenter’s responsibilities?

  1. Complete the webinar application form.
  2. Provide a PowerPoint presentation to be used for the visual part of the webinar, as well as speaker biographies and photos. These must be submitted no later than one (1) day prior to the presentation. Note: presenters’ company logos are prohibited from being placed on the presentation slide deck.
  3. Locate a quiet room, a computer with Internet capabilities, a landline phone connection, and a headset to present the webinar.
  4. Participate in at least one training for the webinar. The presenter’s draft PowerPoint presentation will be used during the training to familiarize the presenter with the ReadyTalk platform, including how he/she will use the capabilities of the webinar technology to highlight parts of the PowerPoint presentation, how presenter might poll the audience, how the webinar and presenter will be introduced by the Scrum Alliance team, how questions will be handled in the presentation, etc.
  5. Identify a back-up presenter should an emergency occur on the presenter’s scheduled webinar date and time.
  6. Agree to the webinar terms and conditions.

What does Scrum Alliance provide?

  1. Scrum Alliance will provide the technology and infrastructure to produce the webinar, host the recorded webinar, and handle all e-commerce related to webinar registration and payment (where applicable).
  2. Scrum Alliance will track all program attendance and provide all program registrants with a confirmation e-mail and instructions on how to access the webinar.
  3. Scrum Alliance will handle all technical aspects of the webinar including training the presenter(s) on how to use the webinar platform and monitoring/assisting with the entire live webinar presentation. To assure the highest quality webinar, a Scrum Alliance employee will formally introduce and conclude the live presentation, address any technical concerns, provide instructions on obtaining SEUs from the webinar, and facilitate any Q&A and/or live polling.

When do webinars take place?
Scrum Alliance webinars are usually presented on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays at 11 a.m. Eastern Time (USA). Please note that webinar presentation dates and times are subject to change. All webinars are 60 minutes in length.